Sukitte Ii na yo 05 – Intentions and Acceptance

Many of us, be it intentionally or unintentionally have laughed off certain potentially depressing or emotionally damaging situations in the mistaken belief that to take things lightly will mean we wont get hurt. The idea of taking life lightly, while credibly also runs into numerous issues because it is impossible to laugh everything that may happen to you off. In Sukitte Ii ya no we are presented with Yamato, a character who appears to go through life with ease. He has demonstrated a habit of treating everything with a pinch of salt, such as suggesting that the black kitten in this week’s episode will be picked up eventually because it is cute. This fits into his chameleon like appearance and attitude towards social interaction that has already been brought up in a previous episode. The idea behind such an attitude towards social groups is that by getting on with everyone and by simply agreeing with whatever is said he will never be the target of abuse of bullying. Read more of this post