Twelve Days of Anime #05 – Sakura in the Wind


Watching Oreki confess to Chitanda only to discover that its all a day-dream was a nice little touch that showed us how much he cared for her, while also maintaining his fairly restrained character. That it was so beautifully animated made these scene that much more powerful. Read more of this post

Hyouka – As a Group and as Individuals

The group dynamics within Hyouka are one of its strongest elements, showing how people who are clearly incredibly different can work together to solve mysteries and work as a club. What is particularly fascinating about The Classics Club is how all these characters are essentially there as an afterthought, with other activities and elements of their high school life take precedent at times. This is most obvious during the latest school festival arc, where the group splits up, with Satoshi and Ibara in particular going back to their normal club lives and doing other activities. What we see in this arc is how the characters, without the help and support of everyone in the Classics Club slowly begin to slip back into well worn patterns almost as if the Classics Club didn’t exist in the first place. Read more of this post

Hyouka and mystery as interpretation

The central premise of Hyouka is one of the numerous interpretations that a mystery can have, along with the notion that in reality whatever answer is presented will always be subjective and tied to the background of the person giving it. The mysteries presented to us in Hyouka may be considered benign or inconsequential, lacking the over-arching and often sinister nature of other mystery anime. As a series Hyouka is not concerned with solving these mysteries, but instead focuses on their presentation and the multiple interpretations that are given by the central characters. Each character brings with them a clear set of ideals and goals, ones that are encapsulated in their understand and interpretations of the mysteries that they are presented with. Read more of this post

Hyouka and Fantasy in the Everyday

Mysteries are just stories that have, through the passage of time and retelling changed and been shaped by those that have told then, becoming something fascinating, amazing, and captivating. Mysteries are an element of the fantastical in the everyday life, bringing an element of a fantasy world, with strange wonders into the normal, perhaps boring life that many may believe they live. The mysteries in Hyouka can be viewed as inconsequential, however, they all wonderfully crafted and told, creating images and feelings of fear, but also wonder, amazement and awe. The Book Club brings colour to a grey world, bringing fantasy to the reality of their school lives and showing us that with a little bit of imagination the most humdrum thing in life can become something amazing, extravagant and beautiful. Read more of this post