Twelve Days of Anime #07 – Beware the God of Flatness!


While Haiyore! Nyaruko-San was a good gag series, it often lacked the right jokes to make everyone laugh, often relying heavily upon the referential nature of its humour and numerous references. Bimbougami Ga does exactly the same but in a better way and it just worked. The humour was helped because the main characters Ichiko and Momiji were fundamentally unlikable and often incredibly arrogant. Despite this they were both great characters to watch and the series revolved around the constant arguing that took place whenever they were in the same room. For me the series was even funnier when it becomes clear that despite their constant bickering, Momiji and Ichiko actually see each other as friends even though they would never admit it.   Read more of this post

Binbougami Ga! First Impressions

Binbougami got off to great start with an excellent episode full of brilliant slapstick and wonderful humour, while still having a more serious element to the story. Binbougami Ga is everything that Medaka Box wanted to be (and arguably tried and failed miserably in both manga and anime), it is a wonderful blend of energetic slapstick, along with a element of self-referential comedy, while also having a more serious element about loneliness and friendship. Now, I went into this series already a little biased since I have read the manga (the chapters that have been translated that is) and truly enjoyed it, so this anime only helped to build upon an already good impression that this story has had on me. Read more of this post