Muv-Luv Alternative: Total Eclipse – First Impressions

The idea of an alien threat, one that exists simply to wipe humanity off the face of the earth is hardly new, (it has been used in films like Independence Day for example) but it is one that when done right can produce a fascinating story. The Muv-Luv universe is one where humanity is on the brink of annihilation, faced with an enemy know as the BETA (Beings of Extra Terrestrial orign which is Adversary of human race) who are seemingly unstoppable. The first games and the manga adaptations followed one specific character as the trained to be a Tactical Surface Fighter (TFS) pilot surrounded by a group of beautiful women. Read more of this post

Mouretsu Pirates 04 – Pirate Ships, Hackers and The Yacht Club

This week’s Mouretsu Pirates cemented in my mind that Marika is going to be one hell of a pirate captain, and a scary one at that. She manages to come up with a plan to fight of an unknown enemy that is after her with almost no sleep, and on her first go.

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Mouretsu Pirates 03 – Parfaits, and Space Suits

Mouretsu Pirates this week continued once again with its scene setting, which, for many may have meant that it was one of the most boring episodes they have watched in a while, and for others one of the most interesting.

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Mouretsu Pirates 02 – Sunglasses, a ‘small’ gun, but alas no ukulele

Mouretsu Pirates is still in the story building process, taking things slowly and introducing characters bit at a time, but more importantly, not rushing Marika into the captaincy role. It’s a very nice, quite mellow pacing that this show has taken, keeping things going, and actually drawing me in even more.

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Mouretsu Pirates First Impressions – Pirates, Miniskirts and a Ukelele

Mouretsu Pirates started rather nicely, with an introduction to the universe, and why there are pirates roaming around it. The pacing overall felt well done, being about right for a series that is 26 episodes long. One of my major concerns for the series considering it is a Spacer Opera was that there would be far too much crammed into a single episode.

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