Kotoura-san 01 – The road to acceptance is paved with perverted intentions, apparently


Mind reading is something that crops up from time to time, mostly in western comic books with super heroes who are psychic or those who possess other similar powers, although they do appear in manga and anime. The notion that reading peoples minds would someone be cool, or fun goes hand in hand with these sorts of characters, as if knowing precisely what people are thinking will somehow make your life better. But, let us approach this idea from the opposite direction and look at what might happen if, far from helping, the ability to read minds only caused conflict and hurt people. Kotoura-san looks at what might happen if you could read other peoples minds and all the negative effects that this sort of power could come with. Everyone keeps secrets or doesn’t say what they are thinking, many of them are actually politicians since saying exactly what your thinking would generally get rocks and other things thrown at you by a largely section of the population. However, the general ability to say one thing and think another is often essential for social interaction and getting on with people since it is arguably impossible to truly agree about everything, even with good friends. Read more of this post