Upotte!! First Impressions – Make sure to keep your trigger clean and well maintained

Well, the first episode of Upotte was a curious experience and one I went into with a certain amount of dread, not entirely sure what to expect from a series with such an outlandish concept as this. Seishou Academy is a school full of quite unique girls – they are all anthropomorphized guns that attend the school in order to grow up to be an excellent assault rifle. A new homeroom teacher is arriving, and he is about to get a crash course on how much fun, madness and insanity a school for guns can be. Read more of this post

Spring 2012 Preview – Thoughts on next seasons shows


The list of anime in the Spring 2012 line-up is pretty varied, and there are those shows that I either don’t care about or are entirely indifferent too. So, here’s a list of the shows that I will be watching, and possibly a few that I wont.

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