Vividred Operation – Unknown Enemies and Talking Ferrets


Vividred Operation is an astonishingly self-aware series, it fully understands the absurdities of the whole premise surrounding the characters, setting and enemies and often deliberately plays to that. We know by now that the Manifestation Engine, while providing 95% of the world energy is also somehow inexorably drawing these strange, faceless monsters called The Alone towards it. We also know that such an attack was predicted by Kenjirou, who was inevitably let go and considered a bit of a crazy old man by those in charge of maintaining his invention, thus ignoring his warning and potentially dooming the world to oblivion. The way the series heroines attack these unknown and strange foes is somewhat reminiscent of Strike Witches, with their ability to fly and the absurd strength and power that their suits provide them. The way this series deals with the unbelievable power that these girls possess, and their ability to effectively smash the alone into the ground is rather interesting. Read more of this post

The slightly Illogical Winter 2013 Season Preview - 77051 2girls animal_ears catgirl chocola long_hair moon sayori vanilla

It is that time where, with the current season beginning to wind down that we begin to look ahead to the next season, although I am looking at it significantly later than many others seem to do. As per usual this season preview wont be definitive since there are always series I’m just not even remotely interested in. It will also be based off of whatever information I can find except for the preview trailers since I have never trusted those to tell me anything useful about any anime series. Trailers simply show the bits that the studio think will sell the series rather than give any real indication as to what the series will actually be about, and as such I don’t believe in watching them. There are quite a few particularly interesting series next season, including a number of sequels and a few light novel adaptations that look to be potentially fascinating. I have to say that there seems to be a nice mix of series next season, ranging from your normal slice-of-life and slapstick series, through to the harem anime and the more serious, perhaps psychological series.  Read more of this post