Favourite Anime of 2013


It’s always a difficult task coming up with a simple list of my favourite anime that aired throughout the year, the list always seems to extend over several pages, only to be pruned and cut down to a simple selection of the series and films I truly enjoyed watching. This year I have decided not to put the anime in any specific order, or even give them a number as I feel numbering, and ordering the anime to be rather arbitrary. Apart from one specific series the anime in this list have all been equally enjoyable for a variety of different reasons. Interestingly most of the really popular series, ones that acquired lives of their own are missing from this list, largely because I found them almost universally boring, or didn’t particularly interest me in one way of another. But before the list proper a few special mentions, series that I certainly enjoyed, but have not made it onto the final list for a number of reasons. Read more of this post

Twelve Days of Anime 2013 – The brilliance of Kusaribe Hakaze and Fuwa Aika

Zetsuen no Tempest 1 Read more of this post

Zetsuen no Tempest – Esoteric snowflakes and wistful glances to the sky

Zetsuen no Tempest (strictly speaking it is Zetsuen no Tempest: The Civilisation Blaster) is Shakespeare The Tempest in anime form with the various sprinklings of insanity and potential genius that the Japanese seem to add to any series with this sort of plot. Now I don’t have the best of relationships with series like Zetsuen no Tempest, often finding that the philosophy and quotes from classic literature are used to cover up inherent flaws in the plot and characters. A recent (and in my case much used) example of this would be Fate/Zero, a series with the mistaken belief that musings about humanity and the universe in general could take the place of a meaningful plot and characters that had an impact upon it. There does appear to be a tendency amongst writers involved with anime to write scripts that turn out to be rather pretentious, and as such largely put me off the series. Zetsuen no Tempest however, while still suffering from some of the same problems that many other anime suffer from got off to a good start, and may well be the exception to the rule. Read more of this post

The slightly Illogical Autumn 2012 season preview

So it appears to be that time when many anime bloggers start to look forward to the new season, to see what looks interesting, or to simply rip into anime as a whole with an immense sense of superiority. I tend not to look too far ahead when it comes to anime, and for the most part concentrate on the current season rather than look at anime that have yet to air. Also, I never watch previews, they tell you very little about the series, providing a few sound bites and a look at the animation style without really giving any indication as to what the anime will really be about. As such my previews don’t contain them and I don’t even bother with them, instead I see what other information is available and generally make up my mind based on the plot overview and artwork. Having had a look at the line-up for next season it does look to be potentially very interesting. As with all anime seasons there is a plethora of anime on show, ranging from the classic romance/shoujo series, through the light novel adaptations to the (usually) over-hyped anime that never quite turn out to be as good as everyone suggests they should be. Overall the season has quite a varied lineup, with may different genres included, something that is always nice to see in an anime season. There are some potentially very nice romance series which will obviously go down well with me as a fan of a good romance, along with numerous sequels to some more recent, along with slightly older series.

This list is in no particular order, and barring a couple of series that I honestly dont like the look of I will at least have a look at everything listed, whether I finish the anime is another matter entirely. Read more of this post