Uchuu Senkan Yamato 2199 – Episode Twenty – Under a Rainbow Sun


One of my favourite aspects of Yamato 2199 is the detail put into its battle sequences, and its depiction of space warfare as if it were taking place on water. This episode is perhaps the best example of this, as we are treated to a battle that is reminiscent of those found in classic WWII films, complete with fighter planes, bombers, and torpedo planes, all trying to take down the Yamato. The use of naval imagery adds weight to something that can often appear weightless, without the impact of films like Tora Tora Tora, or Das Boot. When we look at Star Trek, or Star Wars, the ship sequences are dynamic, but can dispense with the weight of combat in favour of shiny lights, and laser beams flying across the screen, Yamato 2199 presents its space ships as true naval vessels, and as torpedo’s and rockets hit the individual vessels, they begin to list, and reduce their speed, and ultimately sink into the depths of space. Such action is further enhanced as each captain tries to out think the other, and as individual members of Yamato’s crew must do their best to survive. As the Yamato emerges victorious, we are left with a sense of loss as Yuki Mori is kidnapped, and Kodai must deal with the anguish of losing somebody dear. Ultimately we are left with a sense of profound sadness as soldiers on both sides are shown dying in battle, in the end there are no real winners or losers in this episode, just death.


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