Amagami SS+ 12 – Mischievous Cousins and Spectacular Confessions

Haruka’s arc, yet again brought us some brilliant drama, wonderful romance, and all-round brilliance. Haruka has always been a great character, one that is beautiful, yet brings an immense enthusiasm (and kinkiness) to Amagami, along with subtle changes in her feelings and emotions along the way. We saw elements of Haruka’s more subtle and emotional side in the first arc, with a clear indication hat, although she may be a bit on the whacky side, she truly loves Junichi. With this in mind, it was fascinating to see Haruka as nervous as Junichi about their relationship, and where they should go with it. Read more of this post

Amagami SS+ 11 – Lovely Meets Sexy

This week saw the return of my favourite heroine, Morishima Haruka, that crazy, beautiful and sexy queen of Junichi’s school. She was my favourite from the first series, with the most dramatic, and easily the best ending of any heroine. She was a fascinating character who hid her emotions behind a whacky and slightly unpredictable personality, something that became apparent when she finally confesses her feelings for Junichi at the end of her arc. Haruka kept her original personality from the previous series, but there were a few changes in this sequel, which revealed a far more sensitive side to her that we only really saw in the final episode of her original arc. This arc takes place quite soon after the original, something that was in keeping with the series, where every arc took place at a different time. I did think that the arc might take place after Haruka’s graduation, especially considering the small time jump that showed them as a happily married (and slightly crazy) couple. Hibiki and Haruka are about to graduate, and we see Haruka and junichi continue with their usual strange blend of day dreaming, and role playing, all the while dragging poor, embarrassed Hibiki along for the ride. Read more of this post

Amagami SS+ 10 – The lack of Sae in a bear costume displeases me

Sae has never really been my favourite character, being a bit too timid – not that it is a bad trait, its just that Sae was too easily lead around by Junichi during parts of her original arc. It was a fascinating change to see Sea growing as a person, becoming far more decisive and with the ability to stand out of the crowd and deal with an increased level of attention. This week continued on from last week, with Sae being elected as the head of the founders festival committee. With the added workload we see Junichi having to take a backseat for significant periods of the episodes while Sae continues her transformation into someone who is beautiful, popular and competent at her job. Read more of this post

Amagami SS+ 09 – Sae and her bear costume

This time around we have moved on ten months from the original confession, with Sea’s arc taking place during the autumn. Sae-chan is probably my least favorite Amagami heroine; she has never quite grabbed me as much as other heroines in the series. Read more of this post

Amagami SS+ 08 – Onsen’s, Arguments and Relationships

This weeks episode was a very nice end to Kaoru’s arc, and while it didn’t end quite as romantically, or as definitely as Tsukasa’s or Haruka’s original arcs, it was s till a great way to finish. Read more of this post

Amagami SS+ 07 – Close Friends, Summer Holidays and Coach Trips

Kaoru, the middle school friend of Junichi with untameable hair and an equally untameable personality is back this week, bringing us more crazy antics in and out of school. Read more of this post

Amagami SS+ 06 – The Joys of Buying a New Coat

Ai’s arc has been the happiest and possibly one of the most vomit inducing experiences in any romantic anime series I have ever watched. Read more of this post

Amagami SS+ 05 – Swimsuits, Girlfriends and a Cram School From Hell

We are onto the 3rd arc of Amagami SS+ this week, leaving behind the wonderful Tsukasa and the brilliant Rihoko, and moving onto the daring Ai Nanasaki.  Read more of this post

Amagami SS+ 04 – Fireworks, Moonlight, and True Feelings

Thank god, we finally got the ending that Rihoko deserved, it took a while, went between her and the moon several times and played with my emotions until I was a nervous wreck, but it happened.

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Amagami SS+ 03 – Rihoko, innocence, and mischievous university students

The major problem with the Rihoko’s arc from season one was the ending, it was never a romantic arc, and Rihoko unfortunately ended up in the terror known as the ‘fiend zone’. It was a disappointing arc for me, since, while Rihoko isn’t my favourite heroine, she is great fun to watch. And I hoped that Rihoko can finally get Junichi’s attention, thus leading to a romantic and wonderful ending. Unfortunately the episode didn’t start in the right direction, with Rihoko still firmly in said friend zone, however there are a few glimmers of hope.

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