Mouretsu Pirates 13 – One adventure ends, another begins

Well, the hunt for the Gold Ghost ship is finally over and a sense of normality has returned to the crew of the Bentenmaru and Marika, well almost. To think that Gruier would send Marika a message claiming that Serenity is in more danger than ever – of course it isn’t, and she simply uses that excuse to bring the Bentenmaru back in order to present Marika with a medal. This episode was however quite an interesting one, being more slice-of-life than the recent arc, and with a similar feel to the very first episodes. It was a chance for the characters to take stock of what has happened and plan for their future. It was also a handy way of tying up certain loose plot points from the Ghost Ship arc, although it has to be said that there still remains many questions left unanswered. Read more of this post

Mouretsu Pirates 12 – Everything works out in the end if you’re a pirate

Thus ends the first major arc of Mouretsu pirates, and what an arc it was, full of political conspiracies, mysteries, ghost ships, and storms in space. It was an excellent end, to what has been an excellent arc – one that demonstrated the abilities of Marika as the Bentenmaru’s captain, along with the mutual trust that her and her crew share. The ghost ship was even more magnificent, and amazing on the inside than it was outside, with full cities, cryogenic labs, and large storage spaces for the wealth and culture of Serenity. It did however hide a far darker, but also far more surprising and amazing secret. Read more of this post

Mouretsu Pirates 11 – The Ghost Ship Has Arrived

Every week Mouretsu Pirates continues to surprise me with its excellent script and continuous plot and character development. So far there have not been any episodes that did not include some element of character and story progression that has helped to create an excellent series full of mystery, and a lot of brilliant shots of lightning in space. This week was no exception with the ghost ship finally making its appearance, along with Gruier’s younger sister Grunhilde. But, and this is incredibly important, even though we were given clues as to the significance of this ghost ship, the mystery still remains. This further demonstrates how the writers of Mouretsu Pirates are capable of producing a complex story that gives the viewers little clues and hints about what’s going on, and yet we still remain in the dark. Read more of this post

Mouretsu Pirates 10 – No rest for the wicked

For the past few weeks I have been paying more attention to the introduction of Mouretsu Pirates. Not only does it provide a useful recap of last episode, along with background detail, I feel certain now that it also has certain hints about the significance of certain elements within the episode itself. It should be quite important since this week marked the start of the quest for the golden ghost ship by our intrepid crew of adventurer’s, pirates, princess’ and high school students aboard the Bentenmaru. And, judging by the introduction, all is not well within the Galactic Empire, with certain elements wishing to break away and have their independence.

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Mouretsu Pirates 09 – The mysterious skill of “faking attendance”

This week was the beginning of the arc that can probably be called ‘Raiders of The Lost Golden Ghost Ship’ – doesn’t quite work, but it is about as apt a description as I could think of. The opening sequences of every Mouretsu Pirates episode have been quite enlightening, serving partly as a recap of the last episode, but also providing some very useful, and detailed background information about certain plot elements, all in an overblown and epic manner. This week was no exception, and this time we learned a little about the Serenity star system – which appears to be part of the Galactic Empire, but there are factions within it who want to break away and rule themselves. Read more of this post

Mouretsu Pirates 08 – A Galactic Princess and Political Conspiracies

The plot thickens in Mouretsu Pirates this week with the introduction of a princess from an ancient royal family, who apparently managed to sneak aboard the Bentenmaru without being detected. Read more of this post

Mouretsu Pirates 07 – Optional Extras, Space Warfare, and Stowaways

I feel that this week’s episode title ‘The Peace Does Not Last’ is telling of what is to come, and more importantly how Marika’s current world and way of doing things is due to be shaken up in a major way. Read more of this post

Mouretsu Pirates 06 – It’s A Pirates Life For Me, Drink Up Me’earties Yo Ho!

The prologue has finished, Marika has decided to become captain of the Bentenmaru – bring on the paperwork. Read more of this post

Mouretsu Pirates 05 – Space Battles, Pirate Ships, and One Massive Laser Cannon

S0, the prologue or introduction if you will to Mouretsu Pirates has finally finished and Marika has decided to become a space pirate – to which I say ‘Banzai’! Although at least one little surprise awaited us at the end of the episode, something that I had thought about, but had not really looked at in great detail until now.

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Mouretsu Pirates 04 – Pirate Ships, Hackers and The Yacht Club

This week’s Mouretsu Pirates cemented in my mind that Marika is going to be one hell of a pirate captain, and a scary one at that. She manages to come up with a plan to fight of an unknown enemy that is after her with almost no sleep, and on her first go.

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