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It is that time where, with the current season beginning to wind down that we begin to look ahead to the next season, although I am looking at it significantly later than many others seem to do. As per usual this season preview wont be definitive since there are always series I’m just not even remotely interested in. It will also be based off of whatever information I can find except for the preview trailers since I have never trusted those to tell me anything useful about any anime series. Trailers simply show the bits that the studio think will sell the series rather than give any real indication as to what the series will actually be about, and as such I don’t believe in watching them. There are quite a few particularly interesting series next season, including a number of sequels and a few light novel adaptations that look to be potentially fascinating. I have to say that there seems to be a nice mix of series next season, ranging from your normal slice-of-life and slapstick series, through to the harem anime and the more serious, perhaps psychological series. 

Savanna Game


Savanna Game looks to be rather intriguing, mixing in elements from Battle Royale, while also using a science fiction setting with the contestants moving through battles that appear to span the history of earth. I really do like Battle Royale style stories as long as they use the right elements of this setting, and with Savanna Game introduced as a state-sanctioned survival game focussed on motivating Japanese youth we have the potential for a fascinating series. There are, however a few issues that I could have with this sort of story, many of them are clearly demonstrated in the terrible series that is Btooom. A survival game is all well and good, but if the series only focuses on the violence and ignores the other aspects of the story such as the notion that this deadly survival-game is actually state-sanctioned then I will lose interest very quickly. I do like my politics and the exploration of disenfranchised youth and the notions of a flawed society, unfortunately there are numerous occasions when potential titles have failed to do so and instead focussed on gratuitous violence instead. I wont pass judgement yet of course, and regardless of my reservations I am at least interested in the concept itself.

Ai Mai Mi


A gag comedy involving random invading monsters, a bizarre manga club and some sort of tournament where said club fights their rival’s looks to be potentially entertaining.

AKB0048 Next Stage


I have a fear, a phobia if you will of AKB, and originally dropped the first season because it was utterly stupid, only to pick it back up again precisely because it was stupid. Once id gotten over the ludicrous nature of the entire series I found it rather entertaining, especially the idea that AKB were somehow rebels fighting against the unjust dystopian society that for whatever reason had banned entertainment and by extension, fun. I cant help but laugh at the notion that AKB are somehow interplanetary terrorists who are fighting back one song at a time, with added hearts in their eyes. The concept is ludicrous but it just somehow works, despite giving me nightmares and flashbacks of disturbing cg visuals and virtual idols that inexplicably have hearts in their eyes. It’s just mad enough to work.

Ore no Kanojo to Osananajimi ga Shuraba Sugiru


The first harem of the season, and one that involves the idea of carnage involving Eita, his childhood friend and for some inexplicable reason the schools most beautiful girl in a classic harem setting with a little twist. I have read a bit of the manga adaptation and it does have haremesque elements, but it is the interplay between Eita, Chiwa and Masuzu that made it enjoyable to read. I do like the idea of a romance story involving two people who utterly reject the notion and one who ‘loves’ it. The idea that some of the main characters hate the notion of love intrigues me, and while the manga essentially demonstrated that this will be a harem, it is a harem series full of characters who seemingly rejected each other at every opportunity. Will have to see how it plays out as an anime.

Minami-ke Tadaima


More Minami-ke, nuff said.

Senran Kagura


An anime involving female ninja you say? Well, this looks like the kind of show that involves curious breast and clothes physics, so I’m expecting to see clothes torn in one scene only to have been mysteriously fixed in the next. The premise also reminds me of series such as Queen’s Blade, Ikki Tousen, Manyuu Hikenchou and numerous other all-female ninja/warrior series, many of which were actually quite entertaining in their own special way. Considering the material and the general look of the series its hardly going to be a literary masterpiece, but if its as entertaining as precious similar series then it will probably be a success.

Bakumatsu Gijinden Roman


Another series by Monkey Punch only this time about a different sort of phantom thief set either just before the Meiji restoration or during the beginning of that period in Japanese history. It being a Monkey Punch series I shall certainly have a look, since its guaranteed to be entertaining.

Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai NEXT


I rather enjoyed the first Haganai series, although it did suffer from the short length and lack of any real closure, but this could be largely down to the source material. While I liked the characters it felt like the series was far too rushed with character and story progression seemingly ignored for more random gags and humour, which was a bit annoying actually. I’m also ambiguous about Yozora, a character that is both great but also incredibly annoying and there were times during the first series where she seemed to go to far. Still, the relationships that developed during the first series were great to watch, and overall it was an entertaining and enjoyable series to watch. Let us see what new weird adventures Kodoka, Sena, Yozora and the other crazy people of Rinjinbu get up to this time. Probably a lot of arguing if the first season is anything to go by.



I am always hesitant when it comes to SHAFT series, perhaps because I’ve never really been bowled over by any of them. I have to admit that this series does interest my however, with the main characters Hikikomori nature and the way she views the world looking rather fascinating. The notion that she is cared for by her brother and that she views the world through the ‘Brother Surveillance Tool’ on her computer is intriguing and could produce a fascinating series, especially with the relationship that Sasami and her brother Kamiomi have. I particularly like the idea of the main character viewing the world through the eyes of her brother and the people he associates with, this in itself should provide a fascinating viewpoint on society that we usually dont see in anime. We shall have to see what happens and whether SHAFT decide to use overly stylised animation or not.

Mondaiji-tachi ga Isekai kara Kuru Sou Desu yo?


Another story where random people are summoned to another world in order to defeat the Devil King or other evilly named entity. This one does however involve Bunny-eared girls and something called the Black Rabbit, if I see a character called the Mad Hatter, or perhaps the Cheshire Cat at some point the show shall be complete.

D.C. III ~Da Capo III~


I really enjoyed Da Capo and Da Capo II since I’m a sucker for a good romance series, and for me Da Capo Ii especially has been one of my favourite in recent years. Such series are not for everyone, but I am certainly looking forward to seeing what Da Capo III has in store, bearing in mind that I don’t actually follow the story in the games so have no idea what’s going to happen. Admittedly, having the story set in the Da Capo universe does narrow down the plot somewhat.

Chihayfuru Second Season


More Chihayfuru? Hurray! Bring on the wonderful oblivious Chihaya and her utter devotion to the game of karuta at the expensive of Arata and Taichi whose feelings remain unrequited.

Hakkenden: Touhou Hakken Ibun


Another Sengoku Era series as one might expect since no anime season would be complete without its fair share of the Sengoku Era.

Cuticle Detective Inaba


Now this series looks fascinating since it follows a private detective whose fetish for hair is so extreme that he is used to solve cases that the police cant. He also appears to be part wolf and has a cross-dressing secretary and his ‘relatively normal’ friend Kei, also, the antagonist is a goat wearing a cloak, what more could you ask for?

Tamako Market


The seasons KyoAni series, this time involving Rice Cakes, we shall have to see what its like, but it should be beautifully animated like all KyoAni series.

Maoyuu Maou Yuusha


The fantasy series about The Demon Queen, the Hero who is supposed to slay her and the importance of macroeconomics in solving all your woes, while also learning the importance of potatoes and how they serve as an important part of anyone’s diet. Having read the manga adaptation I can safely say that the story and its characters are intriguing. It is a fascinatingly detailed series that not only focuses on the relationship between the Demon Queen and Hero, but also on the politics and economics that keep nations together and stop them from fighting each other at every opportunity. A refreshingly unique series and the only manga/light novel that involves macroeconomics while making it interesting to someone who spends their time studying culture, which has to be good.



It appears to be a story about a school with an ESP club, let us see what antics they get up to.



This appears to be the season’s otome-game adaptation, and as one would expect it has numerous bishounen. What particularly fascinates me about this series is the setting, with the protagonist waking up but suffering from amnesia. The idea that she has to regain her memory while being surrounded by rather handsome boys, some of who might not be entirely nice sounds fascinating. We shall have to see what happens.

Yama no Susume


This seems to be a coming-of-age style story involving two friends, one who has acrophobia, and the other who loves mountains.

Vividred Operation


A science fiction story about a group of five heroines, with character designs by Kazuhiro Takamura? I think there might be a lack of skirts and/or trousers in this series, but we shall see. Although, considering the setting is a peaceful world where science has solved all problems looks rather intriguing, I want to see what actually happens.

Love Live! School idol project


A series about idols, and also involving phones. - 136269 blonde_hair kashin_reina long_hair moon pixiv_fantasia red_eyes sword weapon

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4 Responses to The slightly Illogical Winter 2013 Season Preview

  1. yalanjini says:

    Phones? Maybe the audience casted their votes for what should be in the MVs but I don’t think that’ll work with a full anime.

  2. My likely picks for the new season:

    Chihayafuru 2 (Loved the first series, so this is a no-brainer)
    Minami-ke Tadaima (More Minami-ke, nuff said) 😛
    Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai NEXT (The only other sequel I’m interested in)
    Maoyuu Maou Yuusha (Sounds like my kind of series, now that I know it isn’t hentai)
    Cuticle Tantei Inaba (Should be amusing)
    Sasami-san@Ganbaranai (Obligatory SHAFT title)
    Mondaiji-tachi ga Isekaikara Kuru Sou Desu yo? (I like fantasy/RPG parody shows)

    Savanna Game would definitely be up there, if I knew it was definitely airing this Winter, but we’re getting pretty close to the start of the season now and I’ve yet to see a definite release date. 😕

    Bakumatsu Gijinden Roman just has Monkey Punch character designs, and is based on a pachinko game so will presumably have an anime-original plot… Not that that automatically means it’s bad, but I’d be far more interested if it was actually by Monkey Punch.

    Aside from that, I look forward to seeing whether Yama no Susume sparks a new interest in mountain climbing among the otaku community. 😛

    • illogicalzen says:

      I will likely look at most of the series I mentioned, going by the usual three episode rule, unless of course some of them are so dull that I just cant be bothered to continue. I must admit that I am particularly looking forward to Chihayafuru2, Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai NEXT, Maoyuu Maou Yuusha, DC III (I just like the DC series, never played the games), Cuticle Tantei Inaba, Minami-ke Tadaima,Tamako Market and a few others. I’ll probably be watching the harem/ecchi series because they are often a good laugh even if they aren’t exactly ‘good’ anime. I have to admit that I am fascinated by the descriptions of Sasami-san@Ganbaranai and Mondaiji-tachi ga Isekaikara Kuru Sou Desu yo? so I’ll give those a shot. I am always cautious about SHAFT series though since I am not the biggest fan of that studio and in recent memory they seem to spend more time creating stylised animation than they do on making the story actually work properly.

      There are a couple of series that dont yet have any release dates actually, with Savanna Game being one of them – that looks like a fascinating series, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it was pushed back to the Spring Season after all.

      So far and based on nothing over than their descriptions and artwork this season looks like it should be a pretty good one with lots of entertainment to be had, plus Chihaya in her normal, utterly oblivious state.

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